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Welcome to Football Stadiums Info a website dedicated to football stadiums grounds in the UK. Here you will find information about football grounds in England. Our aim is to help you football fans out there find all the answers they are looking for about a stadium whether they want to visit it or just because they are curious.

Football Stadiums Information for football fans and loyal supporters

On our site you can find all sorts of useful information about football stadiums. So whether you are just a football fan that is doing some research about a specific stadium or a loyal supporter of a football club that wants to find out more about their favorite team, we got you covered!

On our site you can find:

General stadium information
Stadium history
Match day and season ticket prices
How to get there directions
Future developments of the stadium (if any plans)
and many more interesting features

Biggest Football Stadiums in the UK

General Stadium Info and History

Check out each stadium’s capacity, turf type, pitch dimensions, stands for home and away fans and many more characteristics. Read about the stadiums history, when it was built and what are the future plans for further developments.

Match Day and Season Ticket Prices

Are you planning to visit any of these football stadiums? Or are you looking for to buy a season ticket?

Great! On our site you can find out what are the current ticket prices  for season tickets and normal match day tickets. You can also find out prices for hospitality packages ( we are updating these regularly)

How to Get there Directions

If you are not lucky enough to live close to the football stadium you want to visit then you will have to do some traveling to get there. But traveling is usually an enjoyable experience especially on a match day as you get to see more fans heading to the stadium and there is a football atmosphere all over. On our football stadium articles you can find directions to the stadiums from the main train station or other points of interest.. You can also find directions if you are traveling by car.