Football Stadium News Recap – December 2018

Monthly Football Stadiums News Recap for December 2018

Football Fans Attack Police in Argentina

On November 22nd, a pitched battle took place between the fans of the local football team and the police in Buenos Aires. This incident happened at All Boys stadium when some hooligans attacked the policemen with guns and other weapons resulting in eighteen people being reported injured. Police have made three arrests till now. The trouble started on the Wednesday night when the home team lost a match against Atlanta. While the police was trying to control the situation, a radically organized group called All Boys Barra Brava started assaulting the fans of Atlanta while singing anti-Semitic songs. This group was also seen advancing towards their own team but thankfully they left the stadium.

The police was taken aback as the Barras were armed with highly sophisticated armoury. Later on motorized units of the police were mobilized to control the crowd and three arrests were made. According to the football officials apart from closing the football ground for further events, they will also appeal to the authorities to ban All Boys fans from participating in other football events at least for an year.

Nationwide Launch of Vegan Menus In UK

Going by the latest updates, soon people will have more choice of choosing a vegan menu while visiting football stadiums of UK. According to the concerned officials, Environment Secretary has given full support to this plan and has advised Premier League clubs to consider this request. According to the local news agencies, the football clubs were advised to go green with this initiative and to take their commitment to another level by pledging to such efforts to safeguard the environment. Apart from providing vegan menus, stadiums are also advised to opt for sustainable resources of energy along with a ban on plastic products.

The other requests include creating more charging points of electrical vehicles; reduce the number of away matches and use their influence to encourage fans to have a better carbon footprint. Before laying down such plans, a thorough investigation was done by a national news agency which involved twenty of the top notch football clubs.

It was discovered that no pressure was maintained by the Premier League on these clubs for introducing such environment friendly measures. Even with this lopsided attitude some of the clubs such as Tottenham and Arsenal have introduced plans to ban single used plastics. Other clubs such as Tottenham, Brighton and Huddersfield are already catering vegan and vegetables based meals to their visitors.

Betting Advertisement Cut From Sports Broadcast in UK

Giving a big jolt to the bookmakers, government has decided to ban all types of advertisement from broadcasting live sports events. Though this ban seems to be of big constraint, but It has allowed some air space for the betting agencies.

This restriction has been accepted by the bookmakers without any fuss because it does not bar them from either sponsoring the teams or to flash betting odds during the televised sport events. According to the chairman of the sports betting organization, it is believed that other issues pertaining to advertisement, sponsorship of sport kits and online advertisements will not be interfered and a recognition would be given for all that has been done by the betting industry.

Starting from the summer of 2019, there will be a whistle to whistle ban on advertisements related to betting during all forms of live sports events. This voluntary move by the betting industry will not be forced on horse and greyhound racing. All sorts of betting advertisements will stop five minutes before the commencement of the live event and will start five minutes after the match concludes.

MP Stephen Hepburn Backs Safe Standing

In an unexpected turn of events, Stephen Hepburn, MP from Jarrow, has come out in the support of those people who had signed a petition demanding for safe standing during the premier football matches. Member of Parliament has called upon the treasury benches to allow introduction of a law pertaining to this demand. He has even asked a question from the Sports Minister regarding the subject of safe standing.

He also revealed that out of the 700 petitioners from South Tyneside, 400 are of his own constituency. It was reported that more than hundred thousands of people had signed a petition across the country which led to a discussion in the parliament. The representative of the Westminster assured and confirmed that the incumbent govt is working on a “small analysis” and further announcements will be made in the upcoming year.


Football Stadium News Recap – September 2018

FA Endorses Safe Standing Concept for Football Stadiums

As per the press release by Football Association, they are officially endorsing the concept of safe standing areas for viewers at the stadiums during the football matches.

A review regarding this subject is already being commissioned by the incumbent government and most probably it will be tabled in the first week of the next month. Premiere League and EFL also support safe-standing and recommend that the football clubs should also be a part of decision making as far as this concept is concerned.

This approval by Football Association can be construed as the approval by all the three governing bodies of English football. All three of these bodies support the merits associated with this case. The research done by Premier League clearly indicates that more than seventy percent of the viewers want the choice of standing while supporting their favourite clubs. The campaigners for the safe standing give out the example of Germany where it is widely allowed and no untoward incident has happened till now.

Napoli Getting Ready to Play in McDonald’s Arena

If we go by the views expressed by Napoli football club’s president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, it seems there is wind of change blowing in Italy. In order to find a new stadium and required funds, Napoli FC is considering the proposal made by the fast food giant McDonald. Napoli is currently using Stadio San Paolo with a seating capacity of more than fifty thousand.

According to the president of the club, this seventy year old stadium is nothing but a “cesspit”. The sources from local media have confirmed that McDonald has approached Napoli in order to provide them with a new stadium. If all goes well then fans of this club can see their favourite players playing at the McDonald’s Arena in the coming days.

Scotland to Remain in Hampden Park

After months of bickering and rumor mongering, it is now clear that Scotland Football Association has taken a decision to reject the possibility of moving to Murrayfield Stadium. After this decision, Scotland will continue to play matches at Hampden Park even after 2020. The series of events related to this news was based on the expiration of the existing contract between Hampden Park and Scottish FA.

This agreement is going to run out in 2020. In the case of non renewal of the agreement, Football Association was left with either of the two choices. The first one was to renew the contract and the second one was to lease the Murrayfield.

After long negotiations and trepidation, the association has taken a decision to purchase the Hampden Park from its owner at a cost of five million pounds. The one half of this amount will be paid by Willie Haughey, the famous Scottish businessman. According to Scottish FA President Alan McRae “Today’s announcement has been the conclusion of a four-year process to review our national stadium beyond 2020. It was a hugely difficult decision and I would like to place on record our thanks to Scottish Rugby for their professionalism throughout the process. This decision is about what was best for Scottish football and our members. It’s about the future of football in Scotland.”

Opening of Tottenham Hotspur’s New Stadium Stands Delayed

There was an expectation that Tottenham Hotspur will play its match against Liverpool scheduled for September 15 at their new stadium. As per to the different sports updates, opening of the new stadium has been delayed for indefinite period of time.

The reasons for this postponement include delay in construction and “problems with the critical safety systems”. In their statement made in August of this year, the management had stated that, “Delays are common, certainly for builds of this size and complexity, however we are hugely frustrated that this has occurred at such a late stage. Whilst we would have been able to mitigate other areas, we simply cannot compromise safety. This decision was unavoidable,”

Due to this delay the upcoming EPL matches against Cardiff and Manchester City along with other Champion’s League games have also been transferred to the national stadium. The most nearest date for the opening of the new White Hart Lane stadium is now slated for the match against Chelsea which is scheduled for November 24, 2018.

Madagascar Football Stadium Stampede

Another tragedy struck when there was a stampede in a qualifier match between Madagascar and Senegal. This match was a African Nations Cup qualifier and resulted in one person being dead and more than forty injured. This incident is another case of the rising stadium deaths in the past few years. This stampede was a result of the failure of the local administration in controlling the crowds that tried to enter all ready full Stade Municipal De Mahamasina stadium.

Thousands of fans were outside the venue waiting for several hours to buy tickets, when gates were suddenly closed stating that stadium is completely full up to its capacity of twenty two thousand. This led to a rush to enter the stadium resulting in a stampede. Even after this tragic incident, the scheduled match proceeded without any hindrance resulting in a draw between the two teams with score of 2-2. Deaths due to stampede is quite common in African continent because of inadequate arrangement by the management as well as the local administration. The worst case was witnessed in Egypt at Port Said Stadium during 2012 as seventy four people died when fans of Al Masry club attacked the supporters of Al Ahly football club.

Safe Standing: A Review of Behaviour for All-Seater Game Event

Currently the government agencies are reviewing idea of safe standing during the football matches. This review is aimed for behavioural analysis of the crowds when they are allowed to stand during such events. These agencies will also try to examine the levels of the risk of injury faced by fans who persistently stand in the seated venues. This ongoing research is due to the fact that two top division football tournaments require all-seater stadiums.

As per the Football Spectator’s Act of 1989, standing is not allowed during “top flight and Championship”. On the other hand, fans of football clubs have demanded for a long time that they should be allowed to stand during these matches as there is better and efficient safe standing technology in place at the stadiums. After an EFL survey and an online petition has prompted the government to have a debate on this issue at the parliament. On the same note, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has issued conditions and terms of reference for such review.

FA Submits Bid for Women’s Euro 2021 Championship

After hosting Euro 2005, England has decided to bid to host another major women’s football championship. Going forward on this agenda, the Football Association has submitted a proposal to host Women’s European Championship for 2021. The head of women’s football, Baroness Campbell, feels that this would be an enormous opportunity for the women’s football to participate in a major championship at their own home ground. This bid was made while keeping in mind that UEFA will want a “bigger and better” tournament and the Wembley Stadium is the key for the final match of this tournament.

The Football Association bid is being supported by the current dispensation following the successful campaign of Euro 2017 that witnessed English Women team reaching the semi-finals. This event was televised live and watched by more than four million viewers in England itself. The final decision by UEFA for granting permission to host this prestigious event will be most probably submitted by the first week of December, 2018. Two other nations, Hungary and Austria are also contending along with England to host Women’s European Championship for 2021.

Emirates – Arsenal

Arsenal Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: 0207 619 5003
Telephone No: 0207 619 5003
Ticket Office No: 0207 619 5003 or

General Info about the Emirates

Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is a four-tiered bowl which has a translucent polycarbonate roofing, though this does not cover any of the pitch. It is the third-largest football stadium in England after Wembley Stadium and Old Trafford, though rivals Tottenham Hotspur are opening their own 60,000-seater stadium in 2018.

Having been denied the opportunity to renovate and extend the Gunners’ old stadium, Highbury, relocation began in 2012 but work was delayed on the project until 2004. The stadium was completed in 2006 at a cost of almost £400million and the project also included turning the old Highbury Stadium area into luxury apartments.

In what are fairly standard dimensions for a Premier League club, the Emirates Pitch is 105 metres by 68 metres and is made up of both natural grass and synthetic fibres. The club have a powerful undersoil heating system to ensure games cannot be called off because of cold weather alone.


The current capacity of the Emirates Stadium sits at just a shade under 60,000. Should the club get back to the level of being challengers in Europe, this is something which would need to be extended further.


Although the stadium is essentially a bowl, the ground is still thought as being made up of the Clock End and North Bank behind each goal with the East and West Stands running along the length of the pitch.

Away Fans At The Emirates

Visiting fans at the Emirates are located in the South East corner with a good view down near the corner flag. Opposing supporters are invited in from two hours before kick-off and typically receive an allocation of 3,000 tickets.

Ticket Prices

As always in the Premier League, different pricing policies are in place depending on the level of opposition at the Emirates however generally league game tickets can be purchased by non-members for anything from £19 to £97.


Hospitality packages for a typical Premier League match against good opposition at the Emirates will cost guests from £960 per person in Club Arsenal, £3,600 per pair for The Heritage and right up to £28,800 per 24 guests in the club’s Super Box Experience. Arsenal is known to be one of the most expensive for this sort of experience.

How To Get To The Emirates

To get to the Emirates via Tube or rail, King’s Cross is the main connection as well as a host of underground stations. Within a 15-minute walk from the Emirates are Arsenal, Finsbury Park, Highbury & Islington stations while Holloway Road and Drayton Park are either closed or are exit only on Arsenal home game days.

On match days the advice is not to drive to the Emirates, but if visitors do wish to go by car then simply leave the M1 motorway at junction 2 and get onto the A1. Follow signs for Central London until you see Holloway Road Tube Station.

Take a left after the station onto Hornsey Road and the stadium will appear a ¼ mile away. An Event Day Parking Scheme is in operation on match days and any cars parked will be towed away.

Future Developments

Given that the stadium is relatively new, no major expansions are planned but as far back as 2008 Arsenal’s season ticket waiting list was 40,000 strong. Expansion options include making the seats smaller, filling in any gaps around the arena or replacing the roof with a third level but these all look a long way off with Arsenal slipping off the pace somewhat on the pitch.


Villa Park Stadium – Aston Villa

Aston Villa Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: Aston Villa FC, Villa Park, Birmingham, B6 6HE
Telephone No: 0330 053 6010
Ticket Office No: 0333 323 1874

Villa Park Stadium General Info

Villa Park is one of the most recognisable football stadiums in England. It was completed in 1897 and has been the home to the Villans ever since.

Having previously played at Wellington Road, Aston Villa moved into what was the Aston Lower Grounds in 1897 and over the subsequent 121 years have made plenty of changes to the site. The club as of now has planning permission to redevelop it’s North Stand which will increase capacity to 50,000, much more in keeping with modern Premier League stadia should their long term future be in the top flight.

Until they were all played at Wembley, Villa Park was a traditional FA Cup semi-final host for many years and has also hosted the Community Shield and League Cup final.

The pitch at Villa park measures the standard 105 metres by 68 metres and is made up of both synthetic fibres and natural turf, as is the modern way. Undersoil heating is utilised by the club to ensure games are not called off due to cold weather.

Villa Park Capacity

Currently just under 42,700 fans can cram into Villa Park, though this may once again increase in the future should the club get back to the Premier League and stay there.


The famous Holte End stands behind one of the goals, opposite to the North Stand. To the east of that is the Doug Ellis Stand while on the opposite side is the Trinity Road Stand.

Away Fans At Villa Park

Away supporters generally sit in the Doug Ellis Stand over on the east side of the ground with an allocation of around 3,000 generally. When the full allocation is in use, away fans are housed in two tiers of the stand above and below corporate hospitality though for smaller visiting congregations only the upper section is used.

This becomes a problem in some cases as fans have fed back that the upper concourse is tighter and sees bigger queues for drinks etc than the lower tier.

Ticket Prices

Single adult matchday tickets generally start from £20 at Villa Park for a Championship match and range up to £33, fairly competitive for a club of this size. Concessions are always offered at the ground also for disabled, older and younger supporters as well as family packages for around £55.


Hospitality guests can book season-long package deals, though match-by-match entries are also allowed with the Doug Ellis Boxes, the 82 Lounge and Restaurant, the Heineken Lounge, Trinty Executive Boxes and the Director’s Club all offering packages at varying prices depending on what it ordered and what game is being played.

How To Get To Villa Park

Villa Park stands in the north of Birmingham, around 2½ miles from the city centre and can be accessed by numerous bus routes.

By car you can take the M6 motorway, leaving at junction 6 before following signs for the A38 and then A5127 before seeing signs which will take you to Villa Park.

Public transport is usually best on matchdays however with the stadium reachable by train via Aston or Witton stations, both of which connect to Birmingham New Street station in the city. Aston is a 15-minute walk from the ground while Witton is only 5 minutes away on foot.

Future Developments

Villa’s owner has held meetings with Birmingham City council and hopes to begin work on modernising Villa Park in 2018, especially the North Stand, with the plans meaning an extension to capacity making the overall around 50,000.


St Andrew’s Stadium – Birmingham City

Birmingham City Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: Birmingham City Football Club, St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham, B9 4RL
Telephone No: 0121 772 0101
Ticket Office No: 0121 772 0101 (option 1) or

St Andrew’s Stadium General Info

Birmingham City once played their games at the Muntz Street ground but, having had St Andrew’s built, moved into the stadium in 1906. Back then almost 75,000 people could cram into the ground but there is room for less than half of that these days. The highest attendance on record was 66,844 for an FA Cup tie against Everton way back in 1939.

The pitch at St Andrew’s is a pretty tight 100 metres by 66 metres and is aided by the undersoil heating system which prevents the postponement of fixtures due to a frozen pitch. The grass is a hybrid surface and this also helps to keep the overall condition of the pitch good while also aiding aesthetics.

These days crowds are down at Birmingham and the all-seated capacity of 29,400 at St Andrew’s is quite enough.

St Andrew’s is made up essentially of four different stands, namely the Main Stand, the Railway Stand, the Kop Stand and the Gil Merrick Stand.

Away Fans At St Andrew’s
Away fans at St Andrew’s tend to be given one end of the Gil Merrick Stand behind the goal on the western side of the ground. The stand is on two tiers and a standard allocation of 3,000 is usually given, though this can be extended for cup games or when the demand is big enough and the home sections are not sold out.

The negative feedback from a lot away fans has tended to be the crowded concourses at half time and the fact that a lot of hostility is sent from home fans just next to and occasionally above the away section in the Gil Merrick.

Ticket Prices
Although the pricing is staggered, for reference a typical Championship match ticket (Category C) for a single adult is anywhere between £15 and £25, fair value indeed, while the Club Class seats are priced at £30.

Concessions are available for seniors, students, 13-18 year olds, under-13’s and those registered with the adult or junior Blues Loyalty schemes.

St Andrew’s is particularly well off for restaurants, bars and lounges catering for hospitality guests on matchdays with the Boardroom Club, Jasper Carrott Suite, Legends’ Lounge, Captain’s Club, Wiseman Suite, Kop Executive Box, Gil Merrick Box and the Eze Group Stand Box all available.

A ticket in the Boardroom Club will cost £125 – £400 per person plus VAT while a seat in another room can be available for as little as £40 plus tax.

How To Get To St Andrew’s
The Blues’ stadium is only around 1½ miles from the middle of Birmingham and from New Street station, though the walk will take a full half hour and isn’t ideal for a lot of football fans. Trains do run to Bordesley station though which is a shorter, 10-minute walk to the ground.

Many bus routes including the 17, 58/59/60 and 97 leave from Moor Street Station towards St Andrew’s and take around 15 minutes. Drivers can take the A45 from the M42 and then turn east at Bordesley Circus onto Coventry Road.

Future Developments
Back in 2010 plans existed to turn St Andrew’s into a modern, exciting 45,000-seat arena befitting of a top level club. The fact that they are not a top level club and have in fact been in danger of going down to League One have seen these plans shelved for now with demand for tickets nowhere near enough to justify the investment.


King Power Stadium – Leicester City

Leicester City Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: Leicester City FC, King Power Stadium, Filbert Way, LE2 7FL
Telephone No: 0344 815 5000
Ticket Office No: 0344 815 5000 (option 1)

 General Info
The King Power Stadium, previously known as the Walkers Stadium due to various naming rights, has been the home of Leicester City since they moved from old ground Filbert Street in 2002. It is the 20th largest football stadium in England, further confirming their Premier League status as a club.

The stadium was officially opened by Leicester City legend Gary Lineker in July 2002 with the first competitive match being played only a week later as the Foxes beat Watford 2-0 in front of over 31,000 fans.

King Power Stadium

Leicester City finished the 2002/03 season by being promoted to the Premier League, losing only two home games at the then Walkers Stadium all season although the celebrations were marred by financial troubles, partly brought about by the building of this venue.

Leicester have opted for the now familiar mix of natural grass and synthetic fibres for the King Power playing surface, while a strong undersoil heating system wards off postponements for bad weather.

The pitch is 105 metres by 68 metres and until it was banned in 2017, often bore emblems and fantastic grass cutting designs by their head groundsman.

The King Power holds 32,200 supporters for home matches these days but has room to expand.

The four main stands at the King Power each join up in a modern enclosed design with the stands named basically as per their location, i.e. the North, South, East and West Stands.

The North Stand is also referred to as the Family Stand however, while the South Stand behind the opposite goal is known as the Kop. The North and South Stands are often referred to as the Lineker and the Fosse Stands respectively.

Away Fans At The King Power
Away fans at Leicester City are allocated usually in the north-east corner of the stadium and are given the league standard 3,000 tickets.

Feedback from away fans is generally good and tends to suggest that being congregated in this area means it fills well and creates good noise meaning banter back and forth between sets of fans is increased.

Ticket Prices
Despite having been Premier League Champions as recently as 2015/16 prices at the King Power are kept to a reasonable level. Home tickets for a typical Premier League match range from £26 in the Family Stand to £36 in the Kop (South Stand) and right up to £48 in the East Stand.

A typical package in the Legends Lounge for example would cost guests around £175 per match. These facilities include a four-course meal, teamsheet and matchday magazine, a club legend acting as matchday host, half-time and full-time refreshments and either a cash bar or pre-arranged all-inclusive bar.

How To Get To The King Power Stadium
Leicester’s stadium is located just over a mile south of the city centre and main train station, a mere 20-minute walk away and located near Leicester Tigers’ rugby stadium.

Drivers heading to the King Power can take either the M69 or M1 motorways to junction 2 where they meet, following the signs for the city centre and when reaching Upporton Road signs for the King Power will appear.

Future Developments
Architects working on behalf of the club have drawn up plans to expand the King Power to around 42,000. This would mean a second tier going onto the East Stand and it is believed the club have bought up the land behind the current East Stand to allow for the development should plans be approved.

bet365 Stadium – Stoke City

Stoke City Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: Stoke City FC, bet365 Stadium, Stanley Matthews Way, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4EG
Telephone No: 01782 367 598 Ticket Office No: 01782 367 599

General Info
The bet365 Stadium (formerly the Britannia Stadium) has been the home of Stoke City since 1997 with the Potters having played for 119 years at former home the Victoria Ground. Ground was broken in late 1996 and was completed in the summer of ’97 at a cost of £15million.

bet365 stadium

bet365 stadium

As if to show how far Stoke City have come since moving into their new home, the first visitors to the now bet365 Stadium were Rochdale who went away with a 1-1 draw in the League Cup with only 15,439 in attendance.

Just under 24,000 however were in to watch the side play Swindon Town in the league a few days later announcing a new era for the club. Unfortunately the team lost 2-1 to the Robins although better things were to come in the next few years.

Having previously been owned partly by Stoke-on-Trent Council and Stoke-on-Trent Regeneration Limited, the club as of 2017 now wholly owns the stadium having paid an extra £6million to complete the deal.

The playing surface at Stoke is made up of both synthetic fibers and natural grass and measures the standard 105 meters by 68 meters. Under-soil heating is utilised too.

The stadium is famous within the game for the swirling wind which tends to make playing conditions difficult, something often managed better by the home side for obvious reasons.

Just over 30,000 fans can pack into the bet365 on match day with no current firm plans to increase this.

The bet365 Stadium is made up primarily of the Sentinel East Stand and the West Stand which line the pitch, with the South Stand and Boothen End (North) Stand behind each goal.

Away Fans At The Bet365
Traveling fans at the bet365 are situated in the Marstons Pedigree Stand behind goal at the south end of the stadium. Away supporters share this part of the ground with the home support making for a good atmosphere with the standard Premier League allocation being around 2,800. Views are unobstructed and feedback from visitors is generally favorable.

Ticket Prices
Premier League match prices are split between Category B, Category A and Category A* games depending on the level of opposition and the dates etc.

A single adult match ticket for the b365 will cost £25 – £35 for Category B games, £30 – £40 for Category A and £40 – £50 for A* games.

Matchday hospitality prices can be found on direct request to the club, though guests are given a choice of various lounges and suites all offering first class food and drink as well as great views of the action.

The Chairman’s Suite, Tony Waddington Suite, Stanley Matthews Lounge, 1863 Lounge and Executive Boxes are all offered up to interested parties.

How To Get To The Bet365 Stadium
Traveling by road from the north, south or west take the M6 motorway and leave at junction 15 onto the A500. Head for the A50 and then follow signs for the stadium.

Stoke-on-Trent railway station is only around 2½ miles from the stadium and being on the West Coast Mainline is served directly from Birmingham, Derby, London and Manchester. Supporters can catch a match day shuttle bus from Glebe Street in Stoke directly to the stadium.

Future Developments
With a new 1,800-seat stand filling the south east corner of the stadium completed in 2017, there are no further plans for redevelopment given the club’s current plight.

Vicarage Road – Watford

Watford Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: Watford FC, Vicarage Road, Watford, WD18 0ER
Telephone No: 01923 496 000
Ticket Office No: 01923 223 023

General Info
Vicarage Road has been the home of Watford FC since opening in 1922 and after a few touch-ups is still going strong as a Premier League venue. The Sir Elton John Stand was opened in 2014 while extensions to other areas of the ground and the pitch itself continued throughout 2015 and 2016.

Vicarage Road

Vicarage Road

Before 1922 the club played their games at Cassio Road with Vicarage Road opening in time for Watford to play Millwall on August 30th. Wealdstone United also played their games here as did rugby union team Saracens before they moved to Allianz Park in 2013.

Although it perhaps isn’t apparent to neutral fans by watching on TV, Watford’s pitch is on the large side for a Premier League venue at 110 metres by 73 metres. Undersoil heating is employed and the surface is made up of both natural grass and synthetic fibres to keep the pitch in as good a condition as possible.

21,500 can squeeze into Vicarage Road but the constant tweaking of facilities at the Hornets’ home ground means this can increase, albeit gradually and probably remaining dependant on the club’s top flight status.

As one of the older, more traditional English football grounds Vicarage Road has four distinct stands with obvious gaps in the corners. They are the Graham Taylor and Sir Elton John Stands which run along the length of the pitch with the Rockery Stand and the Vicarage Road Stand behind each goal.

Away Fans At Vicarage Road
Supporters visiting from elsewhere are housed in the Vicarage Road end of the stadium and are provided a very good view of the action.

Facilities are generally met with favour by away fans at Watford with the food and drink choice ample, though once again the issue of pricing is what concerns most with the away concourse proving a tad expensive.

Ticket Prices
Watford, despite the age of the stadium, the status of the team and their location, are one of the more expensive teams to watch in the Premier League with tickets at £65 and over quite common.

Watford offer hospitality in a range of suites and lounges at various parts of the ground. The TV Lounge, The View, The Gallery and the Sir Elton John Suite offer terrific views of the action and top class food and drink. Prices are available on request as the club don’t advertise them widely.

How To Get To Vicarage Road
Located only a 10-minute walk from Watford town centre, Vicarage Road is served by trains to Watford Junction from London Euston. Watford Junction is also on the London Overground route.

Those wishing to use the Tube can go from Baker Street to Watford Tube Station, though the journey takes 40 minutes and then there’s a further 20-minute walk to the stadium itself.

Drivers can use the M25 motorway and come off at either junction 19 or junction 20, then following the A41 for Watford before looking out for signs for Watford General Hospital. The stadium is close by, though driving to the stadium on matchdays is not recommended.

Future Developments
Back in 2016 Watford started working on plans to add a second tier to the Sir Elton John Stand, attempting to take the capacity of Vicarage Road to 30,000. Some work was done in 2015 and 2016 around the ground with more expected as each season goes by, though when the final 30,000 target capacity will be reached is unclear.

The Hawthorns Stadium

West Bromwich Albion Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: West Bromwich Albion FC, The Hawthorns, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 4LF
Telephone No: 0871 271 1100
Ticket Office No: 0871 227 2227

The Hawthorns Stadium – General Info

West Bromwich Albion’s home, The Hawthorns, has been home to the Baggies since as far back as 1900. By this time the ground was already the sixth to have played host to West Brom but is their spiritual home now having been around for 118 years.

Standing at 551 feet above sea level, the Hawthorns is the highest stadium among all of the current 92 Football League and Premier League clubs.

The original Hawthorns was built to accommodate over 35,000 people and the site even saw crowds of over 50,000 back in the 1920’s and 30’s. Since all-seater stadia became mandatory though and prices went up sharply in football, the ground has seen crowds closer to 20,000 for most home games in recent times.

As for the playing surface; it measures the Premier League standard 105 metres by 68 metres, benefits from undersoil heating and is made up of both synthetic fibres as well as natural grass.

Just a shade under 26,700 fans can these days get into the Hawthorns for home Premier League games and currently there are no serious plans to increase this, though the ground is capable of taking redevelopment.

The Hawthorns is ostensibly made up of the Smethwick End and the Birmingham Road End behind either goal along with the East and West Stands which run along the length of the pitch. Three of the corners are filled on the lower tiers.

Away Fans At The Hawthorns
Visiting fans at West Brom are situated in one half of the Smethwick End behind the goal in close proximity to home fans. The general allocation for Premier League games is 3,000 though this may change for cup games and with opposing fans very close, the atmosphere tends to be good.

Views from all around the away end are unrestricted at the Hawthorns and reviews from away fans are generally favourable all-round, other than the concourse area being on the small side.

Ticket Prices
As is standard in the Premier League, matches at the Hawthorns are categorised and therefore different prices are charged based on the opposition.

A typical single adult ticket costs £25 for a Category C game, £30 for Category B and £35 for Category A. Concessions are also offered around the ground at all fixtures and cup prices will vary.

The general package on offer at the Hawthorns in terms of hospitality is the very popular Richardson Suite package which, for most Premier League games, is priced up at £175 plus VAT per person.

The package includes quality food and drinks, padded seating, VIP parking and a visit from a West Brom player. The suit can also be booked for what West Brom called ‘Platinum Graded Fixtures’ priced at £375 plus VAT.

How To Get To The Hawthorns
The stadium is easily accessible by bus with direct services from across the West Midlands serving the area. Those wishing to drive themselves should use the M5 motorway, take junction 1 (West Bromwich) before taking the A41 East signed for Birmingham. The stadium comes into view almost immediately.

The stadium is accessible from the Hawthorns train and Hawthorns Metro stations which are linked from Birmingham New Street Station.

Future Developments
Although the club made tentative plans to gradually increase the size of the Hawthorns, average attendances and the club’s position in potentially being relegated to the Championship in 2018 mean these plans are shelved for now.

Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Tottenham Hostpur Club Contact Info
Official Website:
Address: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Lilywhite House, 782 High
Road, London, N17 0BX
Telephone No: 0344 499 5000
Ticket Office No: 0344 844 0102

General Info
After the closure of White Hart Lane at the end of the 2016/17 season, Tottenham Hotspur have been playing their games at the national stadium, Wembley, as their new stadium is built directly where the old one stood in what is an £850million development.


Until naming rights are won, the ground is to be called the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium however the overall project is known as the Northumberland Development Project and includes 579 new homes, a hotel and other new buildings including a college.

The stadium is on target to host Spurs for the 2018/19 Premier League season, though as a contingency chairman Daniel Levy has asked the Premier League for permission to play the first three games of the league season away from home in case the stadium is still unfinished.

Now that NFL London is an established fixture in the UK every year, at least two games per season of American Football will be played at the new stadium with the NFL even investing £10million in this project.

To be able to play host to various sports as well as music concerts, there will be a retractable grass field with a second artificial surface underneath. The pitch will also be larger than the one at White Hart Lane at 105 metres by 68 metres, standard dimensions for European football and with the very best drainage and airflow.

The planned capacity for the new stadium is around 62,000 in total. A single-tier South Stand will play host to fully 17,000 people, all of them home fans naturally.

The various stands and tiers are not all named as yet, but the South Stand, known as the Home End, is the one under most focus given its single tier system creating a wall of sound, the front row seats being only 5 metres from the pitch, an end inspired by Borussia Dortmund and to some degree Liverpool’s Kop End too.

Away Fans At The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Visiting supporters will be allocated the standard 3,000 seats for away games and will be sat in the north east corner of the stadium. Allocations may differ for European games.

Ticket Prices
It’s hoped that ticket prices won’t rise too much upon the opening of the new stadium, current Premier League prices for Tottenham home games ranging from just £20 right up to £75 per person, though concessions are of course offered.

Package prices are not available as yet for all suites and lounges, however the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will boast a Sky Lounge and the Tunnel Club which may be priced at as much as £19,000 per person per season. A glass wall alongside the tunnel will mean diners and drinkers seeing the players up close as they come out to play.

The H Club is described as the best members’ club available while there will also be the longest general admission bar in the UK at 86.8 metres long. The bar will also have several self-service beer pumps to help cut down on queuing.

How To Get To Tottenham Hotspur
Driving from the north, take the M11 motorway to junction 4, heading along the North Circular Road before turning left onto High Road where the stadium will be in full view.

From the south and west of the stadium head up the A503 or the North Circular Road. Various trains, buses and the Tube will provide close access to the new stadium as with White Hart Lane.