Roots Hall- Southend United

Roots Hall- Southend United

Team: Southend United
Official Website:
Address: Victoria Ave, Southend, SS2 6NQ
Capacity: 12,392
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Shrimpers
Year Ground Opened: 1955
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01702 304 050
Ticket Office: 08444 770 077

Southend’s home stadium is locating with the middle of a housing estate and because of that, it has many entrances into the ground in between many houses. Roots Hall stadium has a lot of supporting pillars, including the most recently constructed stand, the South Stand which has more pillars than any other stand in the stadium. Because of the amount of pillars in the stadium, if you are sitting near the back of the stand you will have a very restricted view on what you can see. This is also the case if you are sitting at the back on the upper tier as you will not see one of the goals.

Roots Hall- Southend United


The South Stand was reopened in the summer of 1994, it replaced an open terrace and when it was unveiled it gave the whole stadium a new look and a much better look than previously. The upper tier hangs over the tier below it but it is all covered. There is a small clock on this stand that is dedicated the very popular ex-player, Frank Walton. Opposite this stand, you will find the North Stand which is also very similar to the West Stand. It is also single tiered and has a very old-fashioned look about it.

The East Stand is another single tiered stand and like the others, it is also well covered. There are also multiple executive boxes behind this stand with the main seats being directly behind the dugout. Here you will also see the players who are not featuring in the matchday squad as this is normally where they sit too.

The away supporters are housed in the North Stand and you can get anywhere between 1,500 to 2,000 travelling fans here. The big concern of the away section is the lack of leg room with your knees often smashing the seat in front of you. The away section is the closest stand nearest to the electronic scoreboard. Again, like many areas of the stadium, the view isn’t the best mainly down to the pillars blocking the view again. However, this away section is the best area of the stadium for getting noise so you can expect a lively afternoon if you travel here.

How To Get To Roots Hall Stadium

There are parking areas at the ground nearest to the North Stand and will cost you £5 for one vehicle. However, because of where the stadium is, the best and easiest place to park would actually be on the streets surrounding the stadium as there are no permit holder sections. From here, you will be a maximum ten minutes away from the stadium.

The nearest station to the Roots Hall stadium is Prittlewell. The easiest way to get here is on the Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria Line. The services run every 20 minutes and take around an hour on match days. From the station, the ground is around 5 minutes.

There is no difference in ticket price with regards to the stand that you choose to sit in. Adults will be expected to pay £22 for a match-day ticket, while over 60’s will pay £15, under 16’s pay £10 and under 8’s will be charged £4.

The club has recently submitted plans to build a new 22,000 capacity stadium at Fossetts Farm, just behind the club’s training ground in Eastern Avenue. The scheme plans to feature a hotel, retail space, a cinema, plus indoor training pitches and residential accommodation. Work is likely to begin at the end of 2018.

Greenhous Meadow Stadium- Shrewsbury Town

Greenhous Meadow Stadium- Shrewsbury Town

Team: Shrewsbury Town
Official Website: shrewsburytown
Address: Oteley Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ST
Capacity: 9,875
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Shrews
Year Ground Opened: 2007
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01743 289 177
Ticket Office: 01743 273 943

Information about The Greenhous Meadow Stadium

One of the newest stadiums in the football league is Greenhous Meadow that belongs to Shrewsbury Town. The stadium has an all-seater capacity of just under 10,000 fans and was only opened in time for the start of the 2007-08.

All four stands are built to the same widths and heights and all are quite steep allowing for fans to be close to the field of play. Being a new stadium, legroom isn’t a problem and the facilities are among the best that there is in the division.

Information about The Greenhous Meadow Stadium

The Shrews have made history this season by becoming the first club in England to introduce rail seating. This creates a safe standing area of six rows which contain 550 rail seats. They are called rail seats as they can be adjusted from sitting areas to standing very smoothly.

The club has hoped that this will help boost atmosphere at the games and in turn, will attract more fans to the club. This made shockwaves in the English football world and it highly regarded as something that will become more and more frequent at football clubs.

Greehous Meadow is based on the outskirts of the town centre and offers four separate stands for fans to sit or stand in. There are simple single tiered, all of which are covered. There is also a plastic piece of filling at the back of the stand that allows light to come into the stadium to help pitch grown.

All of the stands are 18 rows high with the Main Stand being the Roland Wycherley Stand. This stand is named after the current club chairman. This has a slightly different appearance compared to the others as there are a press box and a variety of corporate boxes.

Away Fans At The Greenhous Meadow Stadium

Away fans are located in the north stand at the end of the ground behind one the goals, here over 1,800 fans can travel to see their team. There are also good facilities at the stadium, which is something you would expect from such a new stadium. All the refreshments are very reasonably priced.

How To Get To The Greenhous Meadow Stadium

There is parking that isn’t too difficult to find. The club operates a car park but unless you arrive early and are willing to pay a lot, you would be better off driving past the stadium and heading to the local housing area to look for space. It’s approximately 15 minutes to walk from there to the stadium.

The nearest station to the Greenhous Meadow Stadium is Shrewsbury town centre. The railway station is approximately two miles or 40 minutes by foot, away from the ground.

The most recommended thing to do would be to get a taxi from directly outside the train station and ask them to take you to the stadium. There are always a lot of taxis on offer, especially on match-days. The bus is another option with numbers 8, 16 and 23 all stopping close to the ground.

Tickets prices

Tickets for games are separated into two categories based on the importance of the fixture. Category A games are priced at £22 for adults, £17 for over 65’s and under 12’s cost £10. However, category B games are a little cheaper with adults being charged £20, over 65’s pay £15 and under 12’s pay £6. Under 8’s can go to games for free, no matter what category the game is.

Glanford Park- Scunthorpe United

Glanford Park- Scunthorpe United

Team: Scunthorpe United
Official Website: scunthorpe-united
Address: Doncaster Rd, Scunthorpe, DN15 8TD
Capacity: 9,088
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Iron
Year Ground Opened: 1988
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01724 840 139
Ticket Office: 01724 747 670

Information about Glanford Park stadium

Scunthorpe United completed their moved to Glanford Park in 1988 this in turn made Glanford Park the first new football league ground to be built following the Second World War.

The most passionate Scunthorpe fans are generally located standing behind the goal opposite the away fans as this is the only stand in the whole stadium that has terracing. The side stands that cover the wide areas are most obstructed by the pillars but some of the areas allow you to get a fully viewable position to watch the game. All 4 corners are filled which helps generate atmosphere.

Glanford Park

Most modern stadiums now have all stands of the same width and height and Glanford Park is no different, it makes for a very interesting visual. There are no areas in the stadium that let the noise out as it is fully enclosed, however the corners are not used to fill spectators. The only downside of the stadium is the amount of pillars that block the views. There is also an electronic scoreboard on the South Stand roof.

You will find up to 1,650 away fans located in the South Stand behind the goal. Again, there are a few supporting pillars that can obstruct views but generally you can see the entire game for most positions in the stand. Because of all the corners being enclosed, this cute little stadium can really get an atmosphere going. The facilities are also adequate with food and drinks also at a reasonable price.

How To Get To Glanford Park stadium

As the stadium is in the middle of a residential area full of houses there is more than enough space but the best place to park would be in the big stadium car park. You do need to get to the game in good time for this and it will cost you £3 for the privilege but you get away very quickly after the game and you avoid all the long queues.

The closest train stop to the stadium is the station in the town centre of Scunthorpe. It is around two miles and 15 minutes walk away from the stadium so the best idea would be to get a taxi as there are no shuttle busses on offer.

Tickets prices

Tickets prices are dependent on which stand you would like to be located in. The executive area known as the SPB West Stand will see adults pay £31, over 60’s will pay £24 while under 21’s will pay £19. The pricing in the non-executive area of the SPB West Stand and Clugston Stand is the same as each other with adults paying £23, over 60’s paying £16 and the under 18’s paying £12. Meanwhile, the Britcon Stand sees the cheapest tickets available with adults paying £19, over 60’s paying £14 and under 18’s being charged £10.

The Club have recently submitted plans to the Local Authority to redevelop Glanford Park with a new 11,000 capacity ground. The Club will continue to play there whilst the works are undertaken as they will work on one stand at a time, meaning they will not move onto working on a new stand until the work on the previous one is complete.

It has been widely reported that once planning permission is given, the first stand that will be demolished and rebuilt would be the Main Stand. The general plans also include full refurbished corporate facilities as well as some housing apartments in the Glanford Park site.

Crown Oil Arena- Rochdale

Crown Oil Arena- Rochdale

Team: Rochdale
Official Website: rochdaleafc
Address: Sandy Lane, Rochdale, OL11 5DR
Capacity: 10,000
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Dale
Year Ground Opened: 1906
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 0844 826 1907
Ticket Office: N/A

Information about the Crown Oil Arena stadium

The Crown Oil Arena has been massively redeveloped over the past ten years with the only remaining stand from its previous era now Sandy Lane. This end is also the only stand that is still terraced, it does however play host to the die-hard and passionate Rochdale supporters. Opposote this stand you will find a single tiered all seater stand, easily noticeable by the two supporting pillars.

The main stand also has supporting pillars but also host the executive boxes. The Crown Oil Arena is also home to the Rochdale Hornets rugby league team. While, it was the football side of the business that sold the naming right to the stadium back in 2016, the five year sponsorship deal helping on the financial parts of the redevelopments.

Crown Oil Arena- Rochdale

Away Fans At The Crown Oil Arena stadium

The most recently opened stand is the very elegantly looking Willbutts Lane Stand which is located on one side of the pitch and this was opened in the year 2000. There is a single tiered stand that replaced a previously terraced stand. It also boasts a capacity of 4,000. On the opposite side you will find the all seater Main Stand. Here there are a number of pillars again that will be obstructing views for some fans, while there are also executive boxes at the back too.

The third of the newly built stands is the Pearl Street stand and this is used for all seating purposes and is designated as the family stand. Again, it has a number of supporting pillars that are right in front of the stand that will obstruct views. As mentioned previously, the Sandy Lane End is the only terrace area remaining in the stadium and while it is small, it does however benefit from not having a rood. You will also find the Police Control Box located in the corner between the Main Stand and the Pearl Street Stand.

The away fans will be housed in the Willbutts Lane Stand that runs alongside the views. The capacity for visiting fans is up to 3,600 while all of whom will get unobstructed views with very good leg room- considering it is a good stadium. The other facilities are also good while refreshments are also very moderately priced.

How To Get To The Crown Oil Arena stadium

There is car parking available at the stadium but it is strictly permit holders only. There is also great difficulty finding parking spaces on the streets that surround the stadium, this is down to the residents only schemes. There is however a few private car parks, most notably a school called Oulder Hill School which is the best place to park. You can find the school on the way to the ground with the walk from the school to the stadium taking about ten minutes.

The closest station to the stadium is the Rochdale town station. This is around five minutes away from the stadium so it makes more sense than struggling to park. There are also direct bus shuttles to the stadium on match days which are free of charge.

Ticket Prices

The pricing of tickets is dependent on which stand you would like to sit or stand. The Main Stand will see adults pay £22, over 65’s will pay £16 and under 17’s will pay £5. Willbutts Lane Stand will cost adults, over 65’s and under 17’s the same price as the Main Stand. The Pearl Street Stand is a cheaper alternative with adults paying £20, over 65’s paying £14 and under 17’s paying £5. The Sandy Lane Terrace is even cheaper with adult’s tickets available at £17, over 65’s valued at £12 and under 17’s tickets again priced at £5.

Fratton Park- Portsmouth

Fratton Park- Portsmouth

Team: Portsmouth
Official Website: portsmouthfc
Address: Frogmore Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8RA
Capacity: 21,100
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: Pompey
Year Ground Opened: 1898
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 02392 731 204
Ticket Office: 0345 646 1898

Information about Fratton Park Stadium

Fratton Park has an all seated capacity of just over 20,000 and has been Portsmouth’s home since 1899. The most dedicated and passionate of the fans will be found in the Fratton End, the stand that is located behind one of the goals. It is the only stand in the whole stadium that guarantees you an unobstructed view of the game as there are no pillars in the way of your view. This cannot be said for the other stands with many blocked views in the North and South Stands as they are much older. However, views from the Milton End are generally okay and only a couple of the seats will have a blocked view.

Fratton Park

The Fratton End is a modern single tiered stand that was built in time for the 97-98 season. It is a great sized stand and is the biggest inside the stadium. The seats in this stand are different colours to outline a portrait of Portsmouth legend, Jimmy Dickinson who is still the record holder for most appearances for the club.

Opposite this stand you will find the Milton End which as mentioned previously is now an all-seater stand. You can also find a few away fans in this stand on match day. The ground also has the proud honour of having the largest set of floodlights in English football and these were first issued at the beginning of the 1962-63 season, meaning they are now over 50 years old.

The away supporters are located in the north side of the Milton End, opposite the die-hard Fratton End. Making for a very lively atmosphere between the two sets of opposing fans.

Away Fans At Fratton Park Stadium

There is normally around 2,100 fans that can be situated in this stand and they are now able to make a lot more noise than they were previously able to, this in no part down to the newly constructed roof. Away fans generally get a very good view of the action- while some seats do have a little bit of blockage. The leg room is again tight in the travelling areas but food and drinks are well priced and the facilities are no worse than you would expect at a football stadium.

How To Get To Fratton Park Stadium

There is parking is all along nearby roads with the best spots being on the A2030. If you arrive early enough you’ll get a space near to the ground and an easy get away following full time. Even if you’re only getting to the area about half an hour before kick-off you’ll still have time to find a space and make the walk into the stadium.

There are also various local places that offer secure parking on match-days with a £5 fee but some of these are a little trickier to get out of after the game with other cars blocking your way out.

The nearest station to the stadium is Fratton. You will easily find the stadium, when exiting the train station simply follows the signs for Fratton Park, if you somehow get lost you can follow the crowds as many fans use the train as the easiest way to get to the stadium for matches.
There is no difference in pricing of tickets between the stands. Adults will pay £23, over 63’2 will be charged £17, while under 23’s pay £15 and under 18’s will pay £5 if accompanied by an adult or £10 if they are not accompanied by an adult.

Home Park- Plymouth Argyle

Home Park- Plymouth Argyle

Team: Plymouth Argyle
Official Website: pafc
Address: Plymouth, PL2 3DQ
Capacity: 16,388
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Pilgrims
Year Ground Opened: 1901
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01752 562 561
Ticket Office: 01752 907 700

The home of Plymouth Argyle has possibly been transformed more than any other stadium in the UK over the past 10 years. The biggest change of the lot is that it is now an all-seater stadium. They started from scratch, demolishing three of the stands and then rebuilt them in 2001.

Home Park- Plymouth Argyle

General Info about the Home Park Stadium

The only original part of the whole stadium is now the Grand Stand; however the terracing at the front of this was also replaced six years later in 2007. There are no bad seats in this stadium and when the final work is done of the Grand Stand, it will be one of the best places to watch football in the football league.

The Grand Stand redevelopment is taking a lot of investment and time, unfortunately for fans they will not be able to sit in this stand for the whole of the current season with the changing of the roof the biggest job being undertaken by the club.

That means that for this season the stadium will only have three stands open for the home matches. All three of these stands were constructed through out the 2001/02 season and they all look modern and set a high standard for the work on the Grand Stand. All the current stands- minus the Grand Stand are the same height and width as each other.

All of the seats are covered, there is a trendy part of the back of the stadium where there is an open space to allow light in. The corners are also filled with more seats meaning that the stadium is completely enclosed making for a much better atmosphere.

Away fans can be found in the Barn Park end where there is a capacity of 2,000 travelling fans that be accounted for. It is often said that it is more than likely that the club will only ever sell 1,500 tickets to travelling supporters however.

How To Get To The Home Park Stadium

Furthermore, there is a car park at the stadium and it is pretty big. You should arrive pretty early though as the first people in are also the first people out. There is a lot of street parking available but none of which is within ten minutes of the stadium, so if this is your preferred option you should expect a walk.

The nearest station for trains is located at Plymouth station. The station is about two miles away from the ground and takes approximately 20 minutes by foot. Once you have exited the train station, simply follow the signs for the stadium and you will find it with no problems. Worst case scenario, just follow the crowds on match-day as the train is the preferred option for many fans.

Ticket Prices

There is no difference in price depending on which stand you would like to sit in. All tickets for adults are valued at £21, while over 65’s will pay £16 and under 18’s will pay £8.

There is more exciting times ahead for club as they work on completing the expansion of the Grand Stand and the facilities that are in there. This includes a new roof and a new lower terrace for fans. There will also be new changing rooms for the players with the capacity of Home Park likely to rise to around 18,600.

London Road- Peterborough United

London Road- Peterborough United

Team: Peterborough United
Official Website: theposh
Address: London Rd, Peterborough, PE2 8AL
Capacity: 15,314
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Posh
Year Ground Opened: 1934
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01733 563 947
Ticket Office: 01733 865 674

Peterborough United’s London Road is called by many a traditional ‘old’ football ground. The official capacity of the stadium is around 14,300. There is terracing at one end of the pitch behind the goal and a new all seated stand behind the other goal at the other end.

London Road stadium- ABAX Stadium

Joe Dent /

General Info about the London Road Stadium

The Norwich and Peterborough stand runs for the length of the pitch and can house around 5,000 fans on match day. Opposite this stand you will find the old main stand which unfortunately does have pillars and may restrict your view if your seats are here.

The Norwich & Peterborough South Stand was opened in 1996 and replaced an old terraced part of the stadium. The two-tiered stand is covered and as is the way with all newer stands, it is an all seater.

Furthermore, there is a row of executive boxes running across its middle to the clubs directors and owners. On the other side you will find the Main Stand, it is a much older stand, as it first opened in 1957.

Like the before mentioned stand, it is also two-tiered, it also covers the stand and is all seated so spectators do not get wet during matches. Meanwhile, the other stand is called the London Road Terrace. This covered terrace has a bright white roof and is a vintage looking old stand, with the rood added in the 1950’s. As expected because of its age, there are pillars running across it so your view may be impaired.

The Motorpoint Stand is a new single tier all seated stand which was opened in November 2014, it has a maximum capacity of 2,500. This newly developed stand replaced a stand that looked identical to the London Road End.

You will find the away fans in the Main Stand, here there is a maximum capacity of 1,800 travelling fans. There is a great view from the seats but some away fans have shown their frustrations of the quality of facilities. If you are towards the back row, you will most likely be sitting on a wooden chair and don’t expect to be comfy with limited leg room for all seats.

How To Get To The London Road Stadium

Be aware there is currently no parking at the stadium site; this is down to the ground redevelopment which has been going on for at least five years now. However, if driving is the way you plan to attend, there is parking places opposite the stadium. There is also further spaces on streets, but be aware you will have to get there early to get a good spot.

The nearest train station to Peterborough United’s London Road Stadium is Peterborough. The railway station is around a 10-15 minute walk away. If you follow the signs when exiting the station you will find that the ground is on the left-hand side when you arrive.

Ticket Prices

Fixtures are designated between category A or B games dependant on those which are more high profile. Seating for category A games for adults is £26 (B- £19), Over 60’s are priced at £21 (B- £19) and Under 7’s cost £1, regardless of the category of game. Terrace tickets are also available with adults tickets priced at £22, over 60’s valued at £17 and under 18’s at £9. Away fans will have to pay £26 for an adult ticket or £21 for over 60’s or £1 for under 7’s.

Kassam Stadium- Oxford United

Kassam Stadium- Oxford United

Team: Oxford United
Official Website:
Address: Grenoble Road, Oxford, OX4 4XP
Capacity: 12,500
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The U’s
Year Ground Opened: 2001
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01865 337 500
Ticket Office No: 01865 337 533

Oxford United moved to their new stadium, the Kassam Stadium in 2001. In doing so they left their previous home, the Manor Ground, which has been its home stadium for the 76 years prior.Kassam Stadium

General Info about the Kassam Stadium

The Kassam is named after hugely successful and popular former chairman, Firoz Kassam, however the stadium is located just outside of the city.

The Kassam Stadium consists of just three sides- which is highly unusual for a football stadium. The open end is the west end of the stadium which is located behind one of the goals. Meanwhile, the North Stand is occupied by both home and away fans and in doing so is the largest stand in the stadium, housing 5,026 fans on match day.

The one tiered East Stand plays host to the most vocal of fans and is deemed widely as the singing section, this is behind the other goal. The main structure of the stadium is based off the South Stand where you will also find the conference centre, the exhibition bar, the clubs main offices and also the dressing rooms. The section is also divided into two, with the lower tier being used as the Family Section.

Oxford recorded the record attendance in 2006 during a League Two game against Leyton Orient. 12,243 fans were in attendance to see their victory on the 6th May 2006.

Visiting supporters are situated towards the open end of the North stand. The stadium is perfect for viewing football with no views obstructed no matter what stand you would sit in.

This has become more common in stadiums that are built in this century. Parking is available on site at the stadium if you arrive early enough before kickoff and to make it even more convenient it is free. In total there are 2,000 spaces available and it is something that is well worth taking advantage of as there is hardly any street parking.

How To Get To The Kassam Stadium

The nearest station to the stadium is Oxford. The station is located in the city centre which is around four miles from the stadium, so it would be too far to walk. You can then either take a taxi to the stadium which will cost a minimum price of £8.00, or one of the many buses that go past the ground.

Stands & Ticket Prices

One of the most interesting facts about the stadium is there is a special type of pitch, one of the first to have artificial grass woven into the living grass turf. However, one disappointment would be that there are large gaps in the corners, which sets the stands back from the playing surface and means cold winds whistling through in winter, so don’t forget to take your coat if you are visiting in February.

All stands have different prices set with the most expensive part of the stadium being the South Stand upper tier, here tickets are priced at £28 for adults, £21 for over 65’s and £12 for under 7’s.

The lower tier in the same stand is a little cheaper with adults priced at £24, over 65’s at £17 and £6 for under 7’s. The cheapest of all the stands is the Oxford Mail stand where adults will pay £22, over 65’s will pay £15 and under 7’s pay £5. Away fans will pay the average price for a ticket at the stadium with adults valued at £24, over 65’s at £17 and under 18’s paying £14.

Future Developments

Oxford are further expanding since the club have recently received planning permission for a fourth stand at the current unused end of the Kassam Stadium behind the goal. It is likely that this will be temporary stand and will have between 700 and 800 seats. It is expected that it will be put in place sometime during the 2018/19 season.

Highbury Stadium- Fleetwood Town

Highbury Stadium- Fleetwood Town

Team: Fleetwood Town
Official Website: fleetwoodtownfc
Address: Park Avenue, Fleetwood, FY7 6TX
Capacity: 5,327
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: Cod Army
Year Ground Opened: 1939
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01253 775080
Ticket Office: N/A

Town first moved into the Highbury Stadium at the start of the Second World War. The Highbury Stadium is not to be confused with Arsenal Stadium which was commonly referred to as Highbury, Fleetwood Town’s ground inherited its name from the nearby Highbury Avenue on which it sits on.Highbury Stadium- Fleetwood Town

A relatively small club compared to neighbours Blackpool today, the club sought to move to a larger ground after winning three consecutive Lancashire Combination Cups.

The club moved to their new stadium as a sign of how far they have came, it represented just how successful Fleetwood had became.

The quality of the match-day experience suddenly declined and the club never were able to build on their early successes.

Between 1948 and 1952 Highbury became more useful for Speedway competitions, meaning that the pitch would often by torn up when it would come to football.

Most recently, the club paid around £4 million to build the new Parkside Stand, this new stand plays host to around 2,000 fans and was first opened in March 2011.

It has a single tier of seating, whilst above are offices and a top row of executive boxes and hospitality area, all of which have a small tier of seating outside. At the front of this stand are the team dugouts.

Opposite the newly built stand is the Highbury Stand, which is also somewhat still pretty new in its own right. It is a small seated covered stand, which was opened in 2008.

It is only six rows high, has a capacity of 550 and runs for only half the length of the pitch, meaning that there is a large open area next to it, although this area does feature some buildings.

On the roof of the Highbury Stand is a small television gantry. For the ‘eagle-eyed’ then directly behind it you can see a small roof which is the roof of the old Main Stand which is still in existence having had the new stand built in front of it.

The Percy Ronson Terrace which is given to away supporters runs for nearly the duration of the whole width of the pitch. Whilst the Memorial Stand- named in memory of the service and trawler-men that had previously lost their lives from the port of Fleetwood, is larger extending the full width of the pitch and housing just under 1,500 supporters.

In one corner of the Highbury Stadium beside the Percy Ronson Terrace is where fans can re-watch certain parts of the action as there is a large video screen. The stadium is completed with a set of modern floodlights, which fits into the newly revamped stadium.

Ticket prices are very similarly priced but dependant on the stand you choose to sit in, you could save yourself a few quid. Adult’s tickets in the Parkside Stand will cost £25, while Highbury Stand seats cost £24 and £23 for the Memorial Stand.

Away tickets are also reasonably priced with tickets costing either £25 or £23 depending on the stand that you would like to be in; with the Percy Ronson Stand being the cheaper option of the two.

The most convenient mainline station is Blackpool North. The station is 7½ miles from the football ground so you’ll need to get the No14 or No1 bus from Blackpool town centre, these buses are highly frequent with pick-ups every ten minutes and the journey will take around 30 minutes.

Priestfield Stadium- Gillingham FC

Priestfield Stadium- Gillingham FC

Team: Gillingham
Official Website: gillinghamfootballclub
Address: Redfern Avenue, Gillingham, ME7 4DD
Capacity: 11,582
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The Gills
Year Ground Opened: 1893
Undersoil Heating: No
Telephone No: 01634 300 000
Ticket Office No: 01634 850 986

Priestfield stadium has been home to Gillingham FC since the club’s formation in 1893. Gillingham were originally founded as New Brompton FC, the founders were able to purchase a plot of land after issuing over 1,000 shares at a price of £1.00 each.

Priestfield Stadium- Gillingham FC

The first adjustments of Priestfield simply consisted of freshly laid grass and a pavilion, which fans would typically use after or before the game to mingle with each other and the players.

There is a debate among fans around the situation of the ground, with some reporting that the stadium is named after Priestfield Road which the ground sits on and others which state that the road on which the ground is located is named after the stadium. In terms of the stadiums progression, this really kick-started following the war.

In 1955, the pitch was finally levelled after years of playing on an uneven surface and Priestfield received a new terrace on Gordon Road. Floodlights were added in 1963 and by the mid 1980s the ground’s capacity had reached 22,000. However, the capacity was to drop following the disasters in Sheffield and Bradford, meaning that the actual capacity was nearer to 10,000.

Spearheaded by the club’s new owner Paul Scally in 1995, the club undertook an extensive redevelopment of Priestfield. The ground became an all-seated venue, with a new Gordgon Road Stand in 1997, Rainham End in 1999 and new main stand in 2000.

The main stand is two-tiered, with a large lower tier and a small upper tier. Here you will also find the executive boxes, which also have outside seating. Opposite is the Gordon Road Stand. This is a much smaller section and was opened in 1997.

The Brian Moore Stand is where the away fans are housed here; around 1,500 supporters can be accommodated. However, like last season the stand is a temporary one. Away tickets for adults cost £20, while under 18’s tickets cost £5.

As for the home fans, it is dependent on where you sit with how much the price will be. Adult tickets costing £25 will get you a seat in the Medway Stand- lower tier in the center or the Gordon Road Stand- either center or on the wings.

However, you can opt to pay £22 which will get you a seat in the lower wings or upper tier in the Medway Stand or a seat in the Rainham End. All under 18’s tickets cost £7 with no designated area for this price.

The fastest way for many visiting supporters travelling to the Priestfield Stadium will be on Southeastern’s High Speed service from St Pancras, taking around 40 minutes. However, because it is Southeastern’s flagship service, tickets cost more than those to Gillingham from other London terminals.

When a full service is running, four trains per hour depart from London Victoria, with the general travel time around 50 minutes.

It is currently an exciting time in Gillingham’s history as the Club have recently re-announced their desire to move to a new stadium. Land near to the Club’s Beeching’s Cross training ground has been suggested as a possible new stadium site.

The scheme which is being referred to as the Medway Village is dependent on obtaining a retail partner to provide finance into the scheme, plus getting the agreement of Medway Council.