Football Stadium News Recap – March 2019

Monthly Football Stadium News

Wembley Stadium Sell Out for BTS Show

With the current updates it seems to be a very good news for the fans of BTS band. As per the latest confirmations, the scheduled BTS show is completely sold out and it happened just in 90 minutes. Yet again the people who were underestimating the power of the fans of this boy band have now been proven wrong again. So, for the first round, this K-pop band seems to be on the winning side but only time can tell how much crowd they might be able to pull on the show night.

Wembley stadium can accommodate more than ninety thousand people for any sport event and it is expected that it will be overcrowded for this event. Apart from this sell out, Stade de France also completed all the sales for the upcoming event scheduled for June 7, 2019. There had been other instances when many of such celebrities chose Wembley stadium to perform, these artists included personalities ranging from Michael Jackson to Ed Sheeran.

Safety Concerns Raised for Scottish Stadiums

As per the latest news shared over the social media as well as local newspapers, top ranking authorities have raised serious concerns related to the security provided in the Scottish football stadiums. The review done by security experts clearly indicates inconsistencies related to security checks provided by the security personals as well as the local police.

It is also reported that this review committee has called for urgent review of this situation by multiple security agencies. One of the most senior ranking office from UK police, who is part of this committee, pointed out these anomalies. It was also stated in the report that even though the policing seems to be fit for the present circumstances, but a better coordination between police and general public is still required.

This damning report is commissioned by none other than the Police Scotland and involved senior officers from National Police Chief’s Council.

It is also recommended in this report that multi security agencies should be consulted to formulated required governance and inspection regimes for these stadiums.

Sydney Football Stadium Demolition Restarts Again

The dismantling and demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium resumed again as NSW’ Land and Environment Court does not allow the application which proposed extension of the injunction related to heavy demolition of the stadium. It was prayed in the application that injunction must be extended for few more days as the local community group wanted their appeal to be heard for this case in coming days. This community group LDM had raised some serious concerns in relation to more than $700 million demolition plan proposed and implemented by the government.

The court in this case observed that the government had not acted out of the regulations so the existing injunction needs to be lifted. The decision taken by NSW to demolish the existing football stadium and construct a new one has enraged lots of local people. They are concerned with the fact that even though this stadium was not a security concern, even then money is being spent on its demolition and a construction of a new stadium at the same site. It is expected that a new application may be moved in the coming days.

Rising Concerns Related to Culture in Football Stadiums

In the series of rising concerns related to the game culture and attitude shown by the fans in football stadium, there has been another concern raised by none other than Raheem Sterling himself. This attacking midfielder and winger of Manchester United made a statement related to the treatment given to him by fans of Chelsea FC in his last match.

According to him these people were looking at him with strange sort of anger in their eyes and he was quite concerned about this manifestation of such a hatred towards him. Even the fans under question did not denied the fact that they abused and swore at Raheem Sterling in that match, but they totally deny that it had to do anything with racism.

According to their statements, it was a passionate game and they only wanted to see their side win. Most of the people from both sides seems to agree that it was a pathetic excuse and matters like this needs to be condoned unconditionally.

Birmingham City Fan Jailed for Attack

In the previous week, a Birmingham City fan named Paul Mitchell had been incarcerated in a case related to an attack made by him on Jack Grealish, the incumbent captain of Aston Villa. It was reported that this man attacked in the first ten minutes of the game and his target was none other than the captain of the opposing team.

Paul Mitchell admitted to his crime in front of the court and was sentenced to be jailed for fourteen weeks. Apart from the incarceration, he was also fined £350 and was further banned to attend any of the football matches for the next ten years. It is also confirmed from Birmingham City that they had apologized to Aston Villa team and had assured that Mitchell will not be allowed to attend any match at St. Andrews till the end of his life.